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Beethoven or Mozart :)

Do you find you gravitate towards a particular composer?

When I was studying for my ARCT in piano performance, my teacher said we were going to study Mozart.

I was ready for the challenge.

I always considered myself a Beethoven girl. But I guess it was time.

Was it a struggle or what!! I think I worked the hardest on my sonata. Harder than I did will pretty much all my other pieces. Except for 1 Prokofiev Vision Fugitives piece.

A few years later. I had a man I admired a great deal, listen to me. He asked me why I was studying Mozart? My reply was because my teacher said we were. He shook his head and said I was a Beethoven girl. Shocking isn't it!! I agreed.

I do agree that we all grow when studying composers and pieces that challenge us.

I have since learned to love Mozart. But at the time...he was a big struggle for me.

Who do you like to study and inspires something deep within you?

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