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Before I took lessons from Andrea, I could barely read music. It took me ages to learn any piece. Now, I'm working on pieces I love from some of my favourite composers - think Chopin and Beethoven - and I can actually sight read the music!! Playing piano is so much more rewarding when you have the skills to learn quickly and create the sounds and story you want. Andrea has helped me with all of that.

Melissa Mewdell

HeadGabby's Testimonial :)

“Our kids love their lessons with Andrea, they are learning so much, and the lessons are filled with laughter.”

Dr. Kara Jansen

“I don’t have a musical background and had never played the piano before, but none of that matters to Andrea because she takes the time to teach you everything you need to know. She is always so patient and accommodating, but most importantly so much fun to work with. I love how it is hands on from the very first lesson and she always takes the time to explain what you’re doing and why it matters. Before I knew it I was reading music and playing all on my own!”

P Grewal

“My daughter is gifted with possible ADHD and focus has always been a major challenge. Ms. Andrea’s is one of the only few people who can keep my daughter focused for 45 minutes. I don’t know how far she’ll go with piano, but I’m grateful to have such a positive role model for my child.”

Asuka Forest

“Andrea is delightful, knowledgeable and brings a completely different method of teaching piano then what I had experienced in the past. Her innovative teaching makes sense and brings a whole new expression to learning the piano. She makes learning fun and her own skills are an inspiration.”

Karen Campbell

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