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The Banana Cream Pie Lesson

I'm sure your wondering what does that have anything to do with a piano lesson.

You'd be absolutely correct that it has something and nothing to do with a lesson.

My student has been studying a piece for quite some time. Man has he grown!! He's fearless when it comes to challenges and yet he's so scared at the same time.

The time came where it was time to create a story around the piece.

It's actually a very very very sad piece. I have a tendency to think of death or loss of love or something soo dramatic. But my student is 10! Yup 10 years old. To think of something soo sad...well a bad idea.

This student loves to bake! Yuppers..he's 10 and loves to bake!! He'll just go in the kitchen and start creating something.

That's where the idea of the death of the banana cream pie came in. His pie came crashing to the floor and landed on his dog. Noooooo!! His pie is devoured by his dog with a big happy happy tummy!

We both laughed soo hard at how ridiculous it was....but in the music world. Anything is possible.

When was the last time you studied something and the thought of something so ridiculous just made you laugh?

Besides I love banana cream pie! It's one of my favorites!

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